Hiking at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Jaguar Preserve
Thursday, 14 July 2011 20:32
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This is the world's first Jaguar Preserve offering great hiking opportunities. Here the jungle is dense, and both flora and fauna are abundant. You will see birds and butterflies and perhaps some mammals such as peccaries, agoutis, gibnuts, anteaters, kinkajous, tapirs and jaguars. To see even more abundant mammal activity, consider an adventure on the Jungle Night Walk Tour.

In Cockscomb Basin there are numerous hikes of different steepness and difficulty. Bring your swimwear as there are waterfalls and natural pools on the trails to cool off in or rent an inner tube and float down the river for an hour. You may choose to bring a guide, or just go it alone.

Try a Jungle Night Walk. Fireflies dancing along the path, the silence and darkness of the jungle your torch light leading the way . . . listening to the sound of owls, herons, howler monkey and frogs. A night walk will increase the chance of spotting mammals, such as gibnut, kinkajou, anteater, or, if you are lucky, one of the wild cats! This experience takes place in Cockscomb and for this adventure a guide is required.