Crystal Cave & Blue Hole
Thursday, 14 July 2011 20:27

Ancient Mayan religion held that the soul began its afterlife with a dangerous journey through the underworld — a place known as Xibalba, or Place of Fright. The Xibalba was a complex realm of nine layers inhabited by sinister gods. The Mayans believed those who survived the journey through Xibalba would rise triumphantly like the sun. Access to Xibalba from the living world was granted through caves.

A visit to the Crystal Cave starts with a steep 45 minute hike trough the jungle. You will then descend with ropes into the cave to explore the spectacular cave system. You will be taken through huge caverns adorned with crystalline formations, Mayan artifacts of pottery, beads, fire pits, obsidian blades and human skeletal remains that have been calcified in the limestone floor. Halfway through the cave you will be given the option to continue further into Wonderland, if you chose to proceed be prepared for beauty but also for a physical challenge. This cave is only recommended for ones who are fit and seeking true adventure. The Crystal Cave is a “dry cave,” no water is to be found in these caves, however it tends to be a muddy experience, so bring cloths you don’t mind getting dirty. After finishing the visit to the cave one may opt to combine it with a visit to the Blue Hole.